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Well, I realized lately that to be happy, you will have to do things that momentarily destroy the whole fabric of your being. How do you evade feelings that completely destroy you when it seems like that’s the only thing that can make you happy and you’re leaving it behind?

It is hard; do not let anyone tell you it is easy. But at the same time do not let anyone tell you that it will not get better either. It is true, scars heal in time, and that’s what you need to do. Forget about what’s making you unhappy and stressed and let time take its course. DO NOT do times work for it, because it will not help and you won’t forget.

I mean, regardless of how destroyed you may think you are, or how much life is making a mockery out of you, never give up your much stronger and you will pull through. Give yourself much more credit than anyone and yourself have awarded you because you my dear are worth more than you believe. You are here to serve a purpose and that purpose is to make sure you are happy. It’s not about anyone else its making yourself the best person ever so that when other meet you they do not want to leave, so that when other meet you they leave refreshed and happy about themselves.

Because happiness can never be over-shared, but only enjoyed by many.

Forget your blues, forget your worries and stop taking control of something you will never have power over, let yourself submit to all the wonders you can do when you don’t stress over something that will be a joke when you tell your future grandchildren, something you laugh of because it was so pointless now.

If your heart was capable of feeling so much before, it will revive and get submerged in better feelings if you just let it escape all those chains and thorns surrounding it.

Trust me honey, it will be O.K.